Corporate Social Responsibility

We at The Mahadev Exports Group prioritize contribution to social welfare and sustainability. Working to empower the society in various ways is a core value of our company. We have stringent regulations while recruiting our employees and the most important one is no child labor. Empowering women is another aspect of our recruitment ideology which is why more than 60% of our workforce are women.

The safety and well-being of our employees is important to us and hence our operations are always up to date with the industry work safety standards. Since our inception, none of our employees have sustained any injuries, we work with maximum safety and 0% injury.

Our production and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also a part of our stratagem towards fulfilling our social responsibility. We manufacture face masks and PPEs and try to encourage our associates and clients to utilize them and protect themselves from exposure to harmful germs and microbes.

As a step towards a sustainable future, we make use of environment friendly materials in the manufacturing of our textiles. We are a part of the Better Cotton Initiative, commonly known as BCI. Under this global initiative, we engage in the promotion of healthy agriculture practices and ensure high standards in cotton farming. Some of our textile products are even made of recycled cotton which is made out of recyclable plastic bottles.

To maximize sustainability, we ensure a hygienic workplace for our employees by providing safe and clean potable water, flexible working hours, and even the freedom to choose the work within our organization in different departments, based on their interests and capabilities. All our packaging is fashioned from recycled items like cardboard boxes or cartons, hang tags, and bags to name a few. Mahadev Exports has an SA8000, a certification overseen by Social Accountability International and Social Accountability Accreditation Services, given only after stringent evaluation. We comply with all eight criteria they have and subsequently with international human rights principles.