Made from some of the finest fabric, our bath mats are designed to keep your feet soft and comfortable at the touch of the floor. The collection comes in various colors and designs that add the dash of style whilst being gentle on your feet. The printed bath mats are some of the most quirky and colorful ones. While the woven bath mats made by weaving yarn together provide some of the best texture available on a bath mat. Needless to say, these dyed yarn mats are made from some of the highest quality dyes available in India. The modern printing method used by us makes a large range of designs and patterns available for the customer to choose from. The availability of various sizes allows one to place these mats at the location of your choice without compromising on the style and aesthetic look of your bathroom. Along with bath mats, we also make pedestal mats that are used inside the bathroom. Be well assured, these add a sense of classiness to the bathrooms while being super helpful in maintaining everyday tidiness.


The solid bath mats meant for daily use are extremely durable and easy to maintain. The range of bath mats we offer never compromise on quality!

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