Curtains bring a classic finish to the decor of a room, provide an exquisite central focus, and give a touch of color to an otherwise neutral room. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the window treatments for your home is the fabric. The type of fabric affects the hanging and drape of curtains, as well as the texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering. We manufacture and distribute premium quality curtains made from user-friendly material. Our curtains are categorized based on its fabric; the categories being- woven fabric, jacquard fabric, and printed fabric. We export our fantastic collection of curtains to clients located in India as well as across the globe. Curtains are used primarily for privacy and the opacity of the fabric is a crucial aspect of this. Thicker textiles can also help keep the room warm in the winter, making your home comfortable and energy-efficient as there is no need for a heater. Our curtain fabrics are made of silks and woven cotton, guaranteed to give you the aesthetics you are looking for and to provide the perfect curtain solution. You can choose a plain design for your curtain to give your room a simple yet chic look or you can liven the ambiance by giving a feel of nature by choosing curtains with floral designs.


A curtain made from Jacquard fabric has an intricate pattern woven into a warp rather than the pattern being printed on the surface. This pattern made on a special mechanical loom creates a unique design that will enchant you and your guests.

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