We aspire to be a sustainable company that contributes to the replenishment of nature hence, we have tried to make our manufacturing processes as environment-friendly as we can. Being a part of the Better Cotton Initiative, often called BCI, we promote sustainable agricultural practices to ensure exceptional standards in cotton farming. Recycling is another step that we have taken to become more sustainable; we make use of cotton made from recycled plastic in the manufacture of some of our products. To reduce the use of plastic in packaging, we utilize bags, hang tags and cardboard boxes or cartons to pack and ship our products.

As our corporate social responsibility, we provide clean drinking water and flexible working hours to ensure a healthy workplace for our employees. They also have the freedom to choose the type of work they want to do within our organization based on their interests and capabilities. After stringent evaluation overseen by Social Accountability International and Social Accountability Accreditation Services, we received a valuable certification known as SA8000. This certificate proves our compliance with international human rights principles.