If you are looking for innovative seating options, our large range of poufs is some of the best options. The braided poufs have the best texture to them. The combination of multiple yarns or fabrics leads to a unique texture to the poufs. The Knitted poufs are among the most subtle and classy poufs. They are made using interwoven yarn which acts as a design in itself. For people looking for some intricate woolen work, our woven poufs are the best choice. They are made from wool and have embroidery done on it. Our poufs are available in various designs. The jacquard poufs have some of the most intricate designs and patterns are done on them as the jacquard looms are used to make these. This allows for a lot of control over the design during the manufacturing process which leads to complicated designs.


While we aim to provide a large number of designs and styles of poufs we never compromise on the quality. Our poufs are some of the softest ones you will be able to buy anywhere.

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