Mahadev Exports make some of the best cushions that are available in the Indian market. We emphasize the cushions deliver on the style quotient without compromising on the comfort…because no matter how stylish a cushion may seem, it is useless if it cannot perform its main function i.e. delivering comfort for the body to rest on. Our range of woven cushions are some of the softest and finest ones. They are generally woolen but can be made in other types of fabrics as well. One of the most unique ranges of cushions is our macramé cushions. The main attraction of macramé cushions is that they are not woven together but are knotted together. This process of knotting and not weaving gives the cushions a unique design and makes them stand out from all the others. If you are a fan of textured cushions, the braided cushions are the ones you will like. The braiding process which involves intertwining two or more fabric gives it a textured look and feel. To add a dash of color to your interior you should try our printed cushions.


These cushions are manufactured using the latest printing techniques which provide the customer with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. All our cushions are quality checked to provide our customers with nothing but the best.

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