From basic baskets meant for daily use to baskets with aesthetic appeal, we manufacture a wide variety of those. For customers who prefer a bucket full of colors and modern designs on their baskets, we have our range of printed baskets. These baskets add a flare of modern patterns to the place where they are kept. One of our most purchased baskets is the woven basket. These baskets are made by weaving yarn and have fine detailing on them. Woven baskets also contain embroidery on them giving a subtle elegance to them. Some of the finest patterns are done on our jacquard baskets. In these, the traditional jacquard loom provides much more control over the design during the manufacturing process; thereby making complex designs on them. We also manufacture braided baskets and laundry baskets. The beauty of the braided baskets lies in their texture and the combination of yarn, jute, or fibers that are used to make them. Laundry baskets as the name suggests are made for keeping laundry clothes. While they are very simple they have a certain class to them which elevates their surroundings.


While we try to give our customers the best designs and a lot of variety we never compromise on the quality of the finished product or the raw materials that are used. We make sure that we use some of the best quality of raw materials in India.

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