Rugs and Carpets

Find here a wide range of rugs and carpets available in several designs and colors to match the aesthetic requirements of your rooms. Ranging from full floor carpets to small carpets and rugs, there are four types of these to choose from. The woven carpets are some of the softest carpets we have. They are generally made from wool and are the best to keep your feet warm. The jacquard rugs and carpets manufactured by us are made using the traditional jacquard method. This allows much more control during the manufacturing process which helps to make the patterns more intricate and detailed. Our next range of carpets and rugs have complicated designs and patterns present on them. These are called printed rugs and carpets. Thanks to the modern printing machinery, we can now manufacture a large variety of printed rugs and carpets for you. Last but not least, we also manufacture braided carpets and rugs.


These carpets and rugs have a textured finish as these are made by intertwining two or more strands of yarn, jute, or other fabric. Choose any of these and you sure are in for a treat of aesthetic beauty!

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