Accentuate Your Home with Mahadev Exports: The Leading Exporter of Rugs and Carpets from India

Posted on January 20, 2021 | By Admin

Rugs and Carpets are one of the easiest ways and best ways to add a splash of style and aesthetic to a room. Along with their standard appeal, they also add a fresh textured layer, a blast of colors, eye-catching prints, and warmth to a space that would otherwise be looking mundane. Just like the right kind of shoes complete an outfit, the right kind of rugs and carpets amp up the style quotient and sit in harmony with your room by adding an element of surprise.

Owing to the wide variety of rugs and carpets available in several designs and colors to match the aesthetic demands of your room, Mahadev Exports is the largest rugs and carpets exporters from India. With our premium quality textile products, we have reached exponential growth in recent years.


Over the years, rugs have become works of art in their own right with their ability to connect spaces and anchoring your furniture. They decorate your room with a sense of character and personality. Our wide range of rugs made of premium quality raw materials and superior fabric allows us to carry out a substantial rugs export from India.

  • Woven Rugs
  • Braided Rugs
  • Jacquard Rugs
  • Printed Rugs


More than being a work of art, a carpet is useful and can induce a special atmosphere in a room, much like lighting effects or music. One should give serious thought before buying a cheap or synthetic carpet to cover their floor. Our carpet range includes

  • Woven Carpet
  • Braided Carpet
  • Hand-Tiffed Carpet
  • Jacquard Carpet
  • Printed Carpet

As they are made by intertwining two or more strands of yarn, jute, or other fabric, our carpets and rugs have a textured finish to them. The softest carpets we have are the woven carpets. Made of premium quality wool, they are the best at keeping your feet warm. Our jacquard rugs and carpets are made using the traditional jacquard method, which allows substantial control during the manufacturing process thus helping us to make the patterns more intricate and detailed. Our printed rugs and carpets are laden with complicated designs and patterns. The modern printing machinery allows us to manufacture a wide variety of printed rugs and carpets for you. Along with that, we also manufacture braided carpets and rugs. And our exclusive hand-tiffed carpets come from a fascinating tradition, based on knowledge passed down over a thousand years, thereby bringing extra value to every room of your house.

How to Use Rugs in your Spaces?

  • There is no better way to liven up dead and unwelcoming spaces like hallways, than with a rug. Rugs create a visual path that draws the eye to any connecting rooms.

  • The placing of a similar style or coloured rug in connecting spaces, unify two rooms.

  • Rugs are laden with sound absorption properties especially if you have hardwood or tiled floors in your homes.

  • They not only provide for a decorative element on your walls.

  • Always ensure that you use the largest rug you can for a room, large enough to fit under all four legs of each piece of furniture. With our wide variety of innovative products, we carry out a colossal rugs export from India.


Ranging from full floor carpets to small carpets and rugs, we are the largest rugs and carpets exporters from India. Our strict quality control and timely dispatch of products ensure optimal customer satisfaction.