The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Protective Equipment Supplier

Posted on October 22, 2020 | By Admin

The covid 19 crisis has changed the world. Terms like lockdown, quarantine, and social distancing have become the norm. People have their faces covered with masks and have their hands sanitized. People are understanding the need to keep themselves safe from the virus. People have started to understand that the future looks different and that all safety measures have to be taken to survive in these uncertain times. With more and more cases being reported it becomes essential that we take all available measures to protect us and our families. Wearing only a mask is not sufficient. PPE kits are needed to protect ourselves completely to prevent any contact with the virus. With the large number of companies that are selling personal protective equipment, it becomes difficult to choose the reliable one as well as cost-friendly. One of the most reliable personal protective equipment suppliers in India is Mahadev Exports.

Mahadev Exports are based in Haryana. They are known as one of the best personal protective equipment manufacturers in India. They are an Indian company and have these products keeping in mind the Make in India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat call given by the Prime Minister. They have state of the art technology in the form of ultrasonic sewing machines, heat sealing, eta sterilization plant, and much more. They are FDA approved that acts as a hallmark to show the good quality products that they make. PPE kits are essential to keep yourself completely safe from the virus. The PPE kits made by Mahadev Exports are divided into 5 categories- bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. They cost from rupees 400 for the bronze to rupees 570 for the diamond. Each of these kits contains a full-body PPE kit and a disposable biohazard bag. Along with these, they contain masks, shoe covers, gloves, face shields, and other equipment. The PPE kits are lightweight and tough along with being puncture resistant. It is made of non-woven fabric to ensure a complete seal and prevent any spaces which could lead to contact with the virus. The overall PPE suit has a hood attached for better body coverage and the hand and neck are elastic to prevent the virus from entering through those openings. The entire suit is held together by a zipper for easy opening and closing of the suit. The state of the art facilities, top-notch quality, and reasonable prices make Mahadev Exports one of the best personal protective equipment manufacturers in India.

Many organizations have now started to purchase PPE kits in bulk for their employees as they return to work. The organizations should look to buy from Mahadev Exports as they are one of the most reliable protective equipment suppliers in India. They handle large volumes of orders with ease and also have excellent sanitization measures in place. With reliable services, relatively cheap costs, and premium quality, they are the best choice to choose from.