Revamp Your Home with the Best Home Décor Brand in the Market

Posted on December 24, 2020 | By Admin

Run by a group of experts and professionals, Mahadev Exporters is one of the leading home textile companies in India. With the help of modern manufacturing technologies and designs, we have achieved excellence in home textiles, made-ups, and protective gear. Our exponential growth has led us to cover almost all the items related to the textile industry. That, along with our commitment to quality and the zest for developing more styles and patterns, is what has made us one of the most celebrated home textile exporters in India.

Our Products

Our promise to serve our customers with superior quality products has enabled us to curate our exclusive range of textile products, available in different styles and sizes to compliment your home décor. Our solutions will help you to add a touch of style and color to accentuate the look of every room of your home.

Our product range of home décor consists of

  • Curtains:

    Woven Fabric, Jacquard Fabric, and Printed Fabric

  • Bathmats:

    Dyed Yarn Bathmats, Printed Bathmats, Solid Bathmats, and Woven Bathmats

  • Baskets:

    Jacquard Baskets, Printed Baskets, Woven Baskets, Braided Baskets, and Dustbin Baskets

  • Throws:

    Woven Throw, Jacquard Throw, Knitted Through, Printed Throw, and Recycle Throw

  • Cushions:

    Macrame Cushions, Printed Cushions, Woven Cushions, and Braided Cushions

  • Wall Hanging:

    Woven Wall Hanging, Braided Wall Hanging, Macrame Wall Hanging, and Printed Wall Hanging

  • Rugs and Carpets:

    Woven Rugs, Braided Rugs, Jacquard Rugs, Printed Rugs, Woven Carpet, Braided Carpet, Hand Tiffed Carpet, Jacquard Carpet, and Printed Carpet

  • Poufs:

    Woven Poufs, Knitted Poufs, Braided Poufs, and Jacquard Poufs


Woven Apron, Jacquard Apron, Printed Apron, Printed Potholder, Woven Potholder, and Braided Potholder. This wide variety of products makes us one of the leading home textile companies in India. In the wake of the pandemic in December 2019, we understood the need for time and ventured into manufacturing face masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits in collaboration with our American partners.

The Need for Home Décor

For most of us, our home is the most important place that our lives revolve around since that is where we and our loved ones reside. We all want our homes to be comfortable and beautiful. Therefore, by adding small touches here and there, we can add a lot of beauty to our home. This is pleasing not just to us and everyone else who lives in it, but also to the family and friends who happen to come over. Start by taking a good look around your home and think about the different home décor options you can choose to make every big and small space stand out more. Being the leading home textile exporters in India, we provide you with a plethora of different products that you may incorporate into your home décor. Being completely export-oriented, our company has been able to cater to clients like Walmart SA, Rusta Sweden, Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc. in a short duration of time.


We have a commendable production capacity owing to the latest technology and infrastructure. The backbone of the company’s manufacturing processes for its home textile division is its state-of-art machinery like Broadlooms, Power Looms, Frame Looms, Bath Tufting Machines, Pit Looms, Jacquards, and an in-house Screen and Digital Printing. Our company is completely export-oriented, and we are committed to creating trust, value, and understanding with our clients.