Poof out Your Worries with Our Stylish Range of Comfortable Poufs

Posted on January 3, 2021 | By Admin

Poufs are the portable, comfortable, and colour-ful guys that keep popping in your home, room after room. They amp up the style quotient of your rooms while also being utilized in the most effective ways. Poufs are your suitable pick of innovative seating options and are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home.

With our wide and creative range of poufs, we are amongst the leading pouf manufacturers in India. While providing a wide variety of designs and styles of poufs, we also keep the quality in check. Our poufs are of the softest fabric available in the market.


  • Braided Poufs: Our braided poufs are a combination of multiple yarns or fabrics that leads to their unique texture. Our braided poufs have the best texture on them.

  • Knitted Poufs: Our knitted poufs are made using interwoven yarn which acts as a design in itself, thus rating our poufs among the most subtle and classy poufs.

  • Woven Poufs: Our woven poufs are made with some intricate wool embroidery on them. With our distinct patterns and premium quality wool work, we are the best-woven poufs suppliers in India.

  • Jacquard Poufs: Our jacquard poufs are of jacquard looms and have some of the most intricate designs and patterns. It allows for substantial control over the design during the manufacturing process, which results in complicated designs.

6 Ways to Use a Pouf

There are a lot of ways in which poufs may be positioned in homes.

    • As a Footrest

      Given their lightweight and easy-to-use characteristics, they can easily be scooted around your living space and used as a footrest with any seating arrangement. Stash that pouf near the couch or the chair. You might as well use it in your nursery as a footrest with your rocking chair.

    • Extra Seating

      Turn your pouf into a seat to cater to that incoming company. Who needs an extra chair when you can instead have a stylish pouf? You can also use an outdoor-friendly pouf to enhance your outdoor lounge.

    • As a Side Table

      Great parties call for great snacks. So, put that tray on top of your pouf, and voila! You have an extra side table. They become handy surfaces for trays, plates, and other essential items.

    • Coffee Table

      Try a group of poufs ditching the sharp corners of a regular coffee table and, presto! You have a kid-friendly coffee table. Moreover, our soft woven poufs make for the perfect piece of furniture for kids’ rooms. With us, get the best range of woven poufs, be it in the form of any colors or pattern, for we are the best-woven poufs suppliers in the market.

    • Personality Pop

      Poufs are a great way to accentual the style quotient of your room. They are affordable, versatile, and easy to move from one room to another. Our distinct range of earthy and alluring patterns provides a Boho feel to your interior.

    • Perch for Pets

      Channel your pet’s enthusiasm for human furniture by getting them a pouf that is all theirs.


Poufs give a cosy, flurry, and stylish feel to your homes. For premium quality innovative poufs, shop at Mahadev Exports, the best pouf manufacturers in India.