N95 Masks: The Masks which Genuinely Protect you from Covid 19

Posted on October 22, 2020 | By Admin

Over the last few months, the entire world has gone through a period of uncertainty. The covid 19 pandemic spread like wildfire. First China, then America, and soon the entire world including India was battling with Covid 19. Covid 19 has changed our lives quite a bit. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizers has become normal. Social distancing is followed and minimal physical contact has been put into effect. Time and time again the World Health Organization and other health bodies have gone on to say that masks are the most important part of preventing the spread of covid 19. There have been numerous scientific models that have shown that wearing masks reduces the chance of contamination of the individual wearing it as well as that of the others around them by 90%. These models and statements made by the World Health Organization have made it very clear to everyone how important it is to wear a mask. There are numerous masks that one can buy, however, not all of them are as effective. The surgical masks which are being used by some people are the most ineffective form of a mask. Cloth masks are great for protection but the protection that one gets from N-95 masks is unmatched. Buying N-95 masks are difficult as there are many fake masks all over the market. It becomes difficult to find a reliable source. One of the most reliable and trustworthy N95 mask manufacturers in India are Mahadev Exports.

Mahadev Exports are known as the best N95 mask exporter in India. They are based out of Panipat, Haryana. They have been in the textile industry for 25 years but in December of 2019, they started making protective equipment and masks. They are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and are also FDA approved. The make N95 masks. Their masks have the best quality. They are made keeping in mind the total safety of the customers. The use the best materials and never compromise on quality. The prices which are charged by the company are reasonable and fair. They use state of the art facility to make their masks. To maintain sanitization in the factory, equipment such as ultrasonic sewing machines, heat sealing machines, eta sterilization plant, etc. The masks follow all of the industry safety standards. Mahadev Exports is the best N95 mask exporter in India can easily handle large volumes and large orders. They are extremely reliable and always meet the deadline promised to the client without any delay. The company provides numerous colors and designs to choose from which are available on their website.

Mahadev Exports has emerged as a top-notch N95 mask manufacturer in India. They have made some of the best masks which meet all specifications put out by the health agencies. Organizations looking for bulk orders for their workforce should consider them because of their capability to deliver large quantities with ease. The company provides a lot of different types and designs of the mask which has its appeal to individuals.