How carpets manufacturing companies in India are adding the royal touch to our homes?

Posted on March 30, 2021 | By Admin

Intricate designs and interesting touch to your room- Rugs and Carpets available in various designs, patterns, and details!

Home Decor and the accessories that are used for our comforts are so important. Apart from just looking to the eye and the best fit for space, they need to provide you comfort and a sense of relaxation otherwise the purpose is defeated. Rugs and Carpets add a wow factor to the room. Let’s understand more about carpet and Carpet Manufacturing Companies India.


Carpets are pieces of floor coverings that can be used for our spaces at home. There are many sizes for rugs and carpets depending on the area the customer wants to utilize it in.

Not only do they add aesthetic value to the flooring but also provide a comfortable sitting space, resting, picnic spots, rugs are used in the washrooms as well.

Why choose Mahadev Export Company-

The Mahadev Export Company is a Government of India Recognized Export House. It looks to gain steady momentum in the textile market by providing consumers the best quality, fastest delivered, and complex designed rugs, carpets, and other home decor products.

Mahadev Exports- A Carpet Manufacturing Company in India, provides four different types of carpets and rugs for its customers to choose from.

These rugs and carpets are made available in a variety of designs, shades, and colors to, touch your home decor and space at home. Woven Carpets are of soft quality and are generally used to keep yourself warm. The rugs and carpets that have detailed designing and minute detailing are called the printed ones. Jacquard Carpets are manufactured by Mahadev Exports- A Carpet Manufacturing Company in India by using the traditional method. This ensures control when the manufacturing process takes place.

Mahadev Exports- A Carpet Manufacturing Company in India has a variety of rugs and carpets to choose from. These depend on the type of fabrics that they are made up of. To name a few, they have Braided Carpets, Hand- Tiffed Carpets, Printed Carpets, Woven Rugs, etc.

Woven Rugs are those carpets and rugs that have a  textured finishing as these are made by entangling more than one strand of yarn, jute, or other fabric.

Today in the kind of life we are living Sustainability in fashion aesthetics is required. The Mahadev Group ensures sustainability in its manufacturing processes as it environmentally- friendly. The Carpet Manufacturing Company in India is also part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which supports sustainable agricultural practices to yield the best results in cotton farming.

The way forward in the industry of design and innovation is constantly growing and evolving. One thing that these companies have to do is change. With time, technology and development.  Mahadev Exports looks to do the same.

With modern technology available at the tip of fingers, credit goes to the modern printing machinery that has allowed the manufacturing of a huge variety of rugs and carpets for our customers.

There is an “Enquiry Now” option on the website panel which allows you to inquire about your home decor products according to your choice and preference.

Order your choice of rugs and carpets to make sure your room looks comfortable but royal both at the same time with Mahadev Exports today!

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